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Top Three Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Insurance Claims

Frank Gothard

These days, denying and limiting claims by insurance companies seems to be a commonality. There are many reasons why insurance companies do this, but there are three most common that we see:

ONE: If the policyholder went on vacation, a policyholder might have left the doors and windows wide open, allowing someone to enter their home to steal furniture or other items. Any time you leave your belongings in an unsecured location, it puts them at risk.

TWO: If a policyholder submits an insurance claim saying that their car was stolen and the police report does not back up their story or has different details than what they provided in their claim form, insurance companies may decline these claims because of those discrepancies. Making sure that you document everything properly when filing a claim can help make the process go smoother and increase the chances of your claim being accepted.

THREE: While insurance companies can deny claims for several reasons, one that is only sometimes obvious is when the claim was filed too late. For example, if your home is damaged in a storm and you file a claim immediately, only to find more damage months later, the insurance company may decide to deny your claim because you waited too long.

As an insurance consumer, it is essential to know why insurance companies might deny or limit your claims so that you know what steps to take next. If you have run into problems with any of these issues (or ones not mentioned here) and would like help from a professional public adjuster that serves the Duluth and Superior areas, as well as all of northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, contact us today. We will be happy to help you navigate the insurance claims process and get the compensation you deserve.

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